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For those with an interest in hiking & trekking, Hokkaido offers nearly unlimited terrain with well maintained trails in pristine natural conditions. Unlike the rest of Japan, Hokkaido’s low population density results in uncrowded paths, campsites and mountain accommodation. We guide all levels of hiking & trekking tours in Hokkaido – from forest walks to 2 week summit marathons – and you can rest assured that you’re in very competent hands: our guides have many years of local and international hiking experience, know the mountains intimately and will always assure your safety. We can add hiking & trekking elements to any Hokkaido itinerary at any time of year. 

Panorama of Hokkaido

For image searches on the hikes below, you will have more success searching using Japanese mountain names. Please contact us for more details on any one of the hikes below and others not listed. The central Hokkaido mountains comprise of the area north of the Hakodate Peninsula, south of Asahikawa and west of Obihiro. This is the area of densest mountain cover of Hokkaido and there are hikes to fit all levels and interests found within. Of particular fame is Mt. Yotei, or Fuji of the North, which towers impressively over the farmlands of the Niseko area. There are rustic mountain lodges and camping out options scattered through the region, and access to mountains is general quite straightforward. 

Contact us for more detailed info. Daisetsuzan National Park is Japan’s wildest and largest national park, and its entirety is categorized as Japan’s 100 Famous Mountains. The massive chain of volcanic peaks rises and falls in endless undulations, revealing scarred landscapes, enormous boulders, primary forest and of course, bears. This is among the most magnificent hiking regions in Northeast Asia, and a must for serious hikers. We offer everything from half day hikes to the unbeatable 5 day Daisetsuzan Grand Traverse Trek, which crosses the entire vary from north to south. Please contact us directly for more info. Hiking & trekking in Eastern Hokkaido offers majestic views, solitary peaks, excellent camping, and one great traverse at Shiretoko Peninsula, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where visitors have a strong chance of spotting bears or at the very least, soaking in hot springs waterfalls at the end of a challenging two day trek. 

Take a look at Eastern Hokkaido’s hiking & trekking offerings below, and contact us for more information. There are only two notable hiking destinations in Northern Hokkaido, but they are well worth the journey north. The magnificent summit hike, with views all the way to Russia, is unmissable when visiting this region. The more humble Rebun Island is just like a slice of Ireland in northern Japan, with rolling green hills that become spectacular cliffs as they plunge into the sea. Both locations offer hot springs, a lot of wildflowers, gorgeous camping out and pristine nature. While not known for its large quantity of mountains, Southern Hokkaido has one very special peak, Mt.

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